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This is a shout out to all the people out there who want to make a difference and help all those affected by the earthquake in Sichuan, China and the Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.

This is a message of sympathy and encouragement to all victims.

This is also a tribute to the selfless and heroic spirit displayed by all the unsung heroes who have contributed in one way or another at the disaster sites.

To our brothers and sisters in need, your pain and suffering is apparent to us all. Do not despair. Watch and listen and you will realize that the whole world has banded together to help and to pray.

To the rest of us, every single bit helps. In a month or so, the wreckage and devastation so far from home may be forgotten, but please bear in mind that reconstruction works are long-term commitments that can take up to 7 years to complete. And even then, for those who have lost their homes and loved ones, things could never be the same again.

To help, please refer to the newspapers and reliable organizations for specific information regarding donation methods.

Here are some suggestions:

Red Cross
Response to the China Earthquake
Response to the Myanmar Cyclone
Chinese Embassy

Once again, please ensure that donations are made to internationally recognized and reliable organizations. There have been news of internet and telephone scams recently, appealing for donations and asking them to be wired into private bank accounts.

Please feel free to look around and check out whats new.....

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